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Training Available Through Cherokee Shepherds

I am proud to announce that Puppy Training and Good Citizen Canine Training is now available through Cherokee Shepherds.

We can take you through the basic courses:

This training ideally begins at 4 months of age.  This is the best age for your puppy to learn and respond to training.

You can of course get training from several available sources.  I only train German Shepherds.  I am knowledgeable about other breeds and can help with integration to other dogs that you may already own.

I believe in positive reinforcement and believe that learning should be enjoyable and fun for both the people and the dogs.  This is really more about your learning how to behave so that your dog will behave.  I cover a lot of information beyond basic training.  Nutrition and environment as well as the attitude of the person training their dog are crucial to your success in training your puppy.  The good news is that German Shepherds love to learn!  They are so intelligent and want so much to please you that training can be pure pleasure for both of you.  It is also important to have realistic goals.  Puppies are kids.  There will be good and bad days, laugh and move on when there are slow downs in learning.  Tomorrow will be better.  Have fun!

Beginning Training:

  1. Introduction to simple cues, such as sit, come and stay
  2. Basic manners
  3. Socialization with people and other dogs
  4. Relationship-forming games
  5. Problem prevention
  6. Tips on puppy health, grooming and nutrition

Intermediate Training:

  1. Brief review of basic cues
  2. Cues such as stay from a distance
  3. Learning despite distractions
  4. Relationship-forming games
  5. Additional cues (heel, stand and more)

Advanced Training:

Key topics covered include:

  1. Sit politely for petting
  2. Advanced loose leash walking and heeling
  3. Specialized games to build reliability
  4. Learning with increased distractions

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