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We purchased lexi from your kennel in Sept. Her litter name was “Goldie” She is such a great addition to our family and extremely smart! Here are some pictures of her from the time we brought her home all through till last week.

Thank you for such a great puppy!

These are the pictures of the lovely Lexi. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks- Melissa Narvaez-Myers and Christopher Myers.
Ghost is settled in and has been great.  She is working out better than I expected & is VERY VISIBLE in the orchards & forest.  Getting along well with the rest of the pack and tends to stay with the two females to form a “gang of three”.  Took her to Parker Way Vet Clinic last week to get her next series of shots & get her “in their system” so they notify us when she is due for check-up.  She was “the star of the show” at the Vet Office & received a clean bill of health.  Growing very fast as you can see from the attached photo with the rest of her pack!!!!
-Tim & Shirley Songhurst
Hi Jean,
Just an update to let you know that life with the puppy, Duncan, is going wonderful! he is SO smart and silly!
He is ridding with me on our go cart, loves to go for car rides and behaves perfectly. Took him for a weekend at the ocean. Great socialization for him!
I cant count the number of people that came up to me and complimented how well he walked on a leash, how well he was behaving and nice he looks!
He has learned to sit, down and I can put his food dish down in front of him, tell him to “wait” and he wont touch it until i tell him its okay.
He still likes to chase the cats but its only to play with them, not to hurt them….  eventually he will understand not to chase them, he gets better every week.
Taking him out with goats is interesting. It usually takes both my husband and myself. if he is on lead he is perfect but the goats try and beat him up. if he is off lead he gets too excited and wants to chance the. Another thing that i think he will get better with as he ages, he is still so young.
He is crate trained and 90% house broken, the only reason i dont say 100% is that if I do i know he will have an accident, lol.
He has been to several places with me and always is the perfect dog! He is going to grow up to be exactly what i needed….  a good friend and a service dog, i have no doubt that he will be able to do anything i ask of him.
I plan on taking him to obedience classes for the both of us. I would like get involved with it for his sake and mine…. it will give us one more thing that we can do together:)
If you EVER need a reference please feel free to give my name and email, I cant say enough about Ducan and im certain that this spring we will be getting a nother puppy. My husband is just as happy with him as i am.
i am going to try and add a photo to this email, lol, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.
thank you again Jean for a very good friend that will be a part of our family for a very long time:)

-Bre and Duncan

Hi Jean

My son, Robert, works at QFC and told me that he visits with you everytime he sees you.  We bought Abe and Noelle’s little girl from you August 2010.  Robert said that you wanted a picture of her.  I am attaching a few for you.  She is such a kick!  She acts like a little princess and around the other two dog she is a total mischief maker.


Fran M
We love our big pup- Thanks Jean!
We love our puppy!  He is 47 lbs:),
Thanks- Cj
Hi Jean. This is Dawn Steele. I am sending you a pic of the pup I got from you. her parents are Serenity and Justice. She is almost 6 mo. old. She is a smart and loyal dog. I will send you pictures as she grows. Thank you for such a wonderful dog.
-Dawn Steele
Hi Jean,
I just thought I would send you a photo of Max, aka “Bear”
He is just so much fun…alittle nippy for the kids yet but is getting better, I think its just when the take off running and screaming and having fun he wants to keep them close:)  He is doing very well with the other 2 dogs, Mia the 3 lb yorkie does well and is the alpha I think:)  too funny.  I would like to ask if there is anything you recommend for seperation anxiety, since we brought him home, he has gone everywhere with us, now that the weather is getting warmer, I dont want to leave him in the car, I put him in his kennel, and left, he screammed and yelped, oh it was like the world was ending, my neighbors are not to happy…he is just wonderful when he can see me..crys and looks for me if he falls asleep and I move.  He is still the best addition to our family!  We just love him!!
Thanks Jean,
-  Cj and Travis, Emma and Wes, Molly, Mia and Max:)
“Bo”… Now Belle! She is getting so big!! We love her!
Brittney B.

Hi Jean,

Hope all is well, Rico told me that he saw you the other day at Albertsons.  Thought I’d let you know that Cleo is growing and thriving, she is an extremely good puppy and we are super happy to have her, not to mention that she is gorgeous.  She was spayed last Thursday and is recovering nicely.  Are any of her litter mates still with you or did they all find homes?


Claudia and Cleo


Hi Jean,

Thought you might like to see some photo’s of Cheyenne. Who was one of Honors puppies from  March 10th 2009 litter. After a very rough start with her having an upset stomach for months. And you might like to know she is happy and healthy, and needs fiber powder in every meal. She is allergic to wheat and all poultry!! So as she is a year old today here our some photo’s for you.
Diana & Martin Geater

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