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Welcome to Cherokee German Shepherds

Cherokee Shepherds is a small breeding kennel located in Bothell, WA. Our goal to produce the highest quality German Shepherds. The breeding process at our kennel is based on the Philosophy that the strength of a gene pool is in its diversity. We are very selective about our breeding dogs. We never breed related dogs and we use a lot of European bloodlines to strengthen our dogs. We breed for integrity of structure: Good hips and elbows and no sloping backs. We respect our breed and believe that they should be able to do what they were bred to do which is to work. We also breed for stability of temperament. This is absolutely essential! These are big, intelligent dogs, it is essential that they be mentally and spiritually centered and stable.

The second part of our breeding program involves “Nature vs Nurture”. We believe both to be true. We are all prisoners of our genes. That is why we carefully select our breeding dogs. However, the nurture is all important too. Our pregnant and nursing moms are kept in a supportive, not stressful, non threatening environment. This allows her to be calm, nurturing parent. This makes for better adjusted puppies. I mid-wife all of the litters and the veterinarian comes within 24 hours of any delivery to check out the Mom and the newborn puppies. This means that the puppies are literally held and socialized to people from birth. We make sure they get a lot of daily hands on interactions with people. This makes the puppies confident and social. We also start socializing the puppies to other dogs at 3-4 weeks old. This is essential as well. The puppies need to be taught how to behave and interact socially with other dogs. This is all important to avoid any aggression or inappropriate behavior towards other dogs. We work very hard to insure that the puppy you take home is the most well adjusted dog possible.

We recommend that you visit our kennel and that you come more than once. It is very important to see the parents of your puppy and observe their demeanor and behavior. The best indicator of what your puppy will be like when they grow up is the parents. This is a life changing decision. You are selecting a new family member. This is a long-term commitment, take your time. We will work with you to help you select a puppy that fits with you and your family.

We guarantee our dogs for life. We will replace any puppy that does not work out with a puppy from a future litter. We do not want our dogs to ever be without a home. We insist that you bring back any dog that does not work out. We have bred these dogs and we have made a commitment to them to make sure that they always have a home.

Please contact us when you are ready to add a dog to your family. We want to make this a wonderful experience for you. You will be selecting a lifetime friend and companion. Choose Wisely.

Jean Heinle
Cherokee Shepherds

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